Why You Need a Business Card to Grow Your Business

Whether you are working for a large corporation, establishing your own business from home, or seeking work, you need a business card! It’s that simple.

Most everyone has a product or service they can offer others, and business cards remain the most cost-effective, efficient, and easy manner in which we exchange information. Passing on a business card is a professional, well-accepted marketing format during most any occasion (except maybe a funeral), and what better way to promote your startup or get back into the workforce.

It is amazing when you consider what you can have printed on a 3.5 x 2” space.

Why Business Cards Work

Even in this digital age, people love to give and receive something tangible.

If you have attended a tradeshow recently, you will notice that attendees love freebies. With a little creativity, you can turn your business card into something others crave, and there are a number of reasons why these desirable business cards work. They create or serve as:

  • Brand Identity
  • Clout
  • Collateral
  • Conversation Pieces
  • Creative Ideas
  • Ice Breakers
  • Job Opportunities
  • Links to Your Products and Services
  • Marketing Tools
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Notepaper
  • Social Sharing Outlets

These are just a few ways in which business cards reach target audiences. New business cards designs may be edible, usable, or so interesting they will not be discarded. If you have the budget, this marketing technique is certain to generate interest and sell products.


Who To Target

Your target audience is anyone inside or outside your circle—that’s often everyone. A potential lead or new job opportunity may not always be obvious, and your goal should be to reach anyone that can lead to a beneficial relationship.

With the right content, imagery, and structure, your business card can be designed for a specific audience but also reach prospects outside your target market. You may initially need more than one business card to get off the ground, actually identify your target market, and test your audience for results. The process of designing new business cards is a learning experience in itself—exploring, researching, and implementing a design that supports your brand identity.

Designing for the Generations

Business card design possibilities are endless because of advancing technologies in mobile, social, and Internet spaces. Trendy business cards may include few elements but tell a lot about you and your business. Designing for the generations requires moving outside of the traditional business card box—changing the way you display your name, tagline, and contact information. If you have a website, you may not need to duplicate the information on a business card but rather provide a link and let your leads figure you out. There’s a bit of mystery involved in what upcoming generations want, but you know it’s social, mobile, and web-based.

Why Do You think business cards are still useful? Do you have a tip for others on how to create a successful and modern business card? Please leave your ideas, tips and comments below.

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