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What is allBcards?

allBcards is a powerful, intuitive and easy to use business card and contact relationship management system.


"Networking and collecting business cards is part of the secret of our success.
I must keep all my contacts organized and always available.
That's why I trust allBcards. "

Andrea Valletta
Director of Kutta Capital
London - Luxemburg

How does it work?

1. Capture the card

Take a picture of the business card as soon as you get it, so you don't lose it.

2. Access your cards

The cards are automatically saved in the cloud, so you can see them wherever you are and from any device.

3. Stay in touch

Keep track of your business relationships, follow up, and close more business.


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Nancy Fox

Author of Network Like a Fox

"allBcards' book is an essential resource for entrepreneurs and professionals who love networking. I Highly recommend it."

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