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Keep in touch with your business relationships.

From first contact to profitability.

Achieve your objectives for every business card you receive.

A systematic strategy to set goals and keep track of all your contacts is your most valuable marketing plan.

Business card exchange.
The most important aspect in building and developing your network is to start with a compelling and memorable business card.


1 Follow up with a call.
After meeting a potential client or business partner, follow up with a phone call within 24 hours and set you apart from the crowd.


2 Send email
Write every email you send with a clear set of goals in mind. If you do not know your goals, do not write at all.


3 Meet for a coffee
Invite prospects you met for a coffee so you can find more about what they do and tell them more about your own business.


4 Set up a win-win business
Establish and develop strong business partnerships with people who have skills and talents that complement yours.


5 Monetize!
Remember that ultimately the end goal of face-to-face business cards exchange is to bring more business to you.



Easily spot the intensity of all your business relationships.

Every business card you upload to your private cloud comes with a colored tab to indicate the objectives you have achieved.

  • You just met this person. Set your end goal, send a memorable first email or make a phone call, and stay top-of mind.
  • Don’t stop! Continue adding value, set new objectives, and build a stronger and fruitful relationship.
  • Don't let this relationship go cold. Keep in touch and move forward to your long-term goal.
  • This connection seems to be interested in doing business with you. Set a fresh objective now and deepen still further your business relationship.
  • You are in good relationship with this contact and have already established a profitable business bringing benefits to both of you. Congratulations, you have won a new business partner!


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