Create referral groups and share cards

Do you have friends or business partners with whom you would like to share some of your contacts? Would you like to keep them updated every time you make a new contact?

This is something that many still do with their cell phones or emails. However, as you may know from your own experience, this is an extremely inefficient and tedious way of exchanging contacts.

If you want to efficiently exchange contacts with your colleagues, friends and business partners, here is the solution you were looking for.

Create your folders

If you want to share business cards privately with one person or a group of friends, the first thing you need to do is create a folder for this purpose.

Choose a name that clearly identifies the new folder.

Create as many folders as groups of friends, clients or business partners you have. With each of these groups you will be able to share the cards that most interest them.

Add and organize your cards

Once you have created your folders, start adding business cards to them.

You can upload your cards from the website or app, or pick them from the public business cards published on our site.

Share cards with your partners and friends

Now that you have created your folders, and added business cards, you can invite your partners and friends to join them.

As soon as they accept your invitation, they can see your business cards. Moreover, now they can add the cards they think may interest the other members of the group

Similarly, your friends can invite you to take part in their shared folders

allBcards’ shared folders are ideal for people who attend networking events on a regular basis.

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