Quick overview of your network

When you have a handful of business relationships to keep track of, most of us rely on our memory. With little information, we can decide correctly when and how to contact one of our prospects.

However, the average entrepreneur has dozens if not hundreds of contacts, so this task cannot be left to memory. We knew this was a main issue for entrepreneurs, so we created the Intensity Graph® - an original and unique way to quickly assess the status of your business network.

The Intensity Graph of allBcards makes easy something that with other contact managers is a overwhelming task.

General look

The Intensity Graph® of allBcards is a star with six edges. Each colored dot represents one stage in the "Relationship Pipeline".

Remember that when you move a card through the “Relationship Pipeline” towards the final goal, the color associated with the card changes: grey, blue, green, yellow, orange, and finally red. These are the same colors of the Intensity Graph.

Connection with the Relationship Pipeline

When the mouse hovers over one of the points of the Intensity Graph, the number of business cards you have in that particular phase shows. This gives you a quick overview of the status of your network.

The idea is to have as many cards as you can in the more advanced stages of the pipeline: yellow, orange, and red.

If you have lots of cards in the grey, blue and green dots, this means that you have to get in touch with your contacts immediately in order to strengthen the relationship.

number of Bcards

Evaluate and make a decision

If you click on one of the dots, you will see all the business cards that you have on that stage. To help you quickly evaluate the state of your relationships, there is also the date of your last contact.

If you see that you have not reached a prospect for a long time, immediately send an email or make a phone call to revive the relationship.

The Intensity Graph of allBcards is very easy to use and fun.

You can get a quick overview of the state of your network and take simple actions that will allow you to strengthen your business relationships.

We recommend that you check your Intensity Graph daily, or at least once a week, so you have a complete overview of your network and won’t let your relationships go cold.

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