Add notes and set goals

If you want to effectively keep track of your contacts and strengthen your relationships, it is important that you remember all the details of the interactions they have had in the past with your prospects; from the first conversation to the latest exchange.

Do not forget that people will buy your products or services only if they know you well and trust you and your business. However, this is only possible if you have previously shown that you are sincerely interested in them and you understand their problems and concerns. This requires that you keep the relationship as close as you can.

Of course, you can’t manage all these details in the traditional way, whether that is agendas or traditional card holders.

What you need is a powerful software built especially for this, which is allBcards.

Take notes

After sending a first follow-up message, take a minute and trace a quick profile of your new contact: where you met and under which circumstances, who introduced you, what you talked about, what anecdotes you shared, what he or she studied and where, what the names of their partner and children are, what their hobbies are, etc. Write down everything you think will help you remember better and learn more about your prospect.

It is recommended that you take these notes immediately after you finish talking with your new contact, so you will not forget all those small details that make the difference between succeeding and failing at networking

Set your final goal

The next thing you must do is to clearly state what you want to achieve with your new contact.

In other words, why do you want to get to know this person better and what benefits could you both get from this business relationship?

It is essential to write down the final goal and be as specific as you can. In this way, all your future actions will be oriented in that direction.

The final goals will vary depending on the type of contact you are considering. For example, some contacts will be important as they may be interested in buying your products or services; others could perhaps introduce you to a third party; others might offer you an interesting contract, etc.

The point is that every time you start a relationship, you need to have a clear final goal. This will help you focus your energy and be more efficient at achieving your goals.

Set objectives and follow-up

Once you have established your final goal, you must set the intermediate steps that will allow you to reach it: these are your objectives.

You must be persistent with each objective you have established. Achieving these small steps will allow you to finally reach your end goal.

Immediately displays the status of your relationships

Each business card you have saved in your account has a color tab beside it indicating the position of the card in the "Relationship Pipeline".

These colored tabs allow you to quickly assess the state of your relationships and help you decide in a few seconds whether you need to take action: send an email, make a call, set a reminder, etc.

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