Schedule emails and set reminders

Once you have established your final goals and objectives, it is crucial to make sure you complete each and every task you have planned out.

When you are following up with your contacts, do not neglect any of your intermediate objectives. Always follow up and do not let your relationships go cold, otherwise you may need to start all over again.

If you repeatedly miss business appointments, forget to write a message, make a phone call, or some other important task, allBcards’ “Schedule Emails” and “Set Reminders” are two features that will simplify your life and save you headaches.

Schedule your emails

If you need to send an email within a few days, weeks, or months, and you are not sure whether you can do it on that particular date, then you need software to schedule your messages and automatically send them for you. This is something that you can easily do with allBcards.

The idea is very simple: you write the message and you tell the system to automatically send it the day you want.

Therefore, you do not need to worry: your contact will receive the message on the day you chose. And it doesn’t matter what you are doing, whether that’s spending the weekend with your family at the beach or being busy on a business trip.

Set reminders

allBcards is also a virtual agenda.

Are you afraid of forgetting that after tomorrow you must call one of your prospects? Do you want to send a gift to your partner on their birthday? What if you forget that next weekend you have a dinner with one of your best customers?

Don’t worry, allBcards will remind you.

Integration with Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar to plan your daily activities, then allBcards is perfect for you.

We have integrated allBcards’ reminders with Google Calendar, so any task you set in allBcards appears automatically in your Google Calendar.

The synchronization of your allBcards and Google Calendar accounts is immediate.

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