Save and manage all your cards in the cloud

Despite the significant progress the Internet has brought to the business world, there is no doubt that the business card remains the preferred tool when it comes to exchanging contact information.

In the United States alone, every day almost 3 million new business cards arrive in the hands of entrepreneurs and business owners like you to be distributed among their clients and potential customers

If you are a professional or business owner who frequently exchanges business cards, then allBcards is exactly what you need to manage and keep track of your prospects more efficiently.

What follows is a detailed tour of all the benefits that the users of allBcards enjoy. You can be one of them.

Take pictures of the business cards and upload them to your private account

With the allBcards App you will never lose the business card of a good prospect.

You just need to take a picture of the card and upload it to the cloud.

You will also be able to send a follow-up email immediately after uploading the card and save a personal note to help you remember who your contact is and what they do.

All this in less than a minute!

It couldn't be faster or easier!

All your cards on all your devices

The synchronization of your allBcards account is automatic.

Every time you upload a card to the cloud, it is immediately stored in your account so you can see it from any device, whether it’s a smartphone, a personal computer, a laptop, or a tablet.

No matter where you are, in the street or in your office, with allBcards you will always have your cards at hand.

Find a card in a fraction of a second

With allBcards it is very easy to find a card.

Enter the keyword that better characterizes the person or business you are looking for and the system will show you the card in the blink of an eye.

You can also search by name, category, location, color of the card, etc.

Publish your card and get more clients

If you wish, you can also make your business card public for everyone to see. This will help you gain online visibility in front of your target market and get more customers.

It is important that you describe your business, your products and your services in detail, so that people can find you, learn more about your business, and get in touch with you.

You can leave your email address, phone number, website address, social networks and physical address. With just one click your potential customers can contact you and know more about your business.

Integration with Google Contacts

If you use Google Contacts, allBcards is perfect for you.

With just one click you can integrate both services and each time you add a contact to allBcards, it is automatically added to your contact list in Google Calendar.

Save and Access all Your Business Cards in the Cloud

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