A Business Card Distribution Strategy to Increase Leads

After talking to hundreds of small business onwers and self-employees, at allBcards we have learned that most of them do not have a systematic plan to distribute their business cards.

Are you one of them? Are you also printing your new business cards without any idea what to do with them?

If so, this article is for you. Follow the tips below and in the short term you will expand your network and find more clients and customers.


Even seasoned and successful business people paradoxically ignore the effectiveness of a strategic distribution plan. If they could foresee the results, their businesses would be much larger and more profitable. 

11 Ideas You Can Use Today to Distribute Your Business Cards

  1. If you frequently attend meetings by your local chamber of commerce or you stop by your community center on a regular basis, ask staff if you can leave some of your business cards in a visible spot. Depending on the nature of your business, health centers might also be effective. Always ask for permission before leaving your business cards.

  2. Pin five to ten of your business cards on bulletin boards you find in your local area. You can find them in public places such as shopping centers, coffee shops, cinemas, theaters, and schools.

  3. Include a couple of your business cards with every package or envelope you send. If you are shipping a product someone purchased, sending a follow-up letter, paying a bill, or sending an invoice, include a couple of your business cards. In this way, you will send a clear message to your customers and prospects that you are open for business.

  4. If you are sending a present to one of your customers, such as a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, attach your business card to it.

  5. You can leave your business card on the table every time you pay a bill and leave a tip at a restaurant. This practice may seem a bit aggressive, but it may generate a lead. Create a business card especially for these occasions (a mini business card is an excellent idea).

  6. Use the fishbowls in restaurants, coffee shops, and other businesses, to drop some of your cards. They may need your services or products.

  7. Place your business cards on the rear window or windshield of vehicles you find on the street or in parking lots. Pay attention to laws in some cities and states that may pertain to this activity. It may be illegal.

  8. If you have magnetic cards, stick them on cars and metallic doors. Magnetic business cards are more expensive than paper cards, so think carefully about where you want to leave them.

  9. Do not be afraid to give more than one business card to people who make good referrals. Most of the time, customers and clients who are happy with your products and services will be glad to send their friends to you. Next time you meet them, ask if they know anyone who would be interested in your products or services, and give them a couple of your business cards.

  10. Non-competing businesses within your industry are an excellent source of referrals. Talk to them and build a mutually beneficial referral system.

  11. Don’t forget to give your business cards to your family and friends. They know perfectly well what you do and they will be happy to see you prosper.

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If you want to learn how to effectively distribute your business cards, take a look at Chapter 2 of Reno Lovison’s book, Turn Your Business Card into Business. Lovison’s book is full of original and clever ideas, and tells you exactly how to implement them.

Be aware that some of these ideas involve little or no personal contact, so they might not be as effective as you expect. You will see growth in your network, but without a face-to-face strategy you will only realize modest results.

If you want to grow your network quickly, then leave your business cards everywhere you go and create an army of supporters to help you spread the word about your business. Moreover, do not forget to complement your business card distribution strategy with a business networking plan and a systematic follow-up program (allBcards can help you with that).

Finally, let's share with you the most aggressive business card distribution idea ever: Go to a bookshop or library and leave a couple of your business cards inside the books your potential customers or clients would likely buy or read. For example, if you are a sales or marketing consultant, leave your business card inside books related to marketing. Keep in mind, this strategy may be disrespectful with regard to some readers or the institution.


Above, we have shared some ideas for an effective business card distribution plan. There are still many more, but we have attempted to only share those that are truly effective. Try a couple of these strategies and see what works for you.

Your best approach though is to spend more time attending networking events, handing out and collecting business cards, and managing and consistently following up with your new acquaintances.

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