How to Create a Personal Tagline to Grab Your Prospects' Attention

What is the number one reason you buy a product or service? Because it provides a solution to a problem, right? That is exactly why others will buy from you: because your products or services will help them solve a problem.

In order to help you create a perfect tagline for your business card, we decided to write this piece. At the end of the article you will be able to write a tagline that your customers and prospects will remember.

Help Your Customers - Business Card Tip

When trying to convince someone to consider your products and services, these are the questions you want to ask yourself: How will my products or services make my customers’ lives better? Will they be able to do things faster? Will they save money? What makes me different or better than my competition? Answer these questions in a short sentence and use it on your business card; this is your personal tagline.

Your tagline is a short version of your “Unique Value Proposition,” that is, what you offer that is valuable and unique. It is not about how great you are but how you can help your potential customers and clients, that is, how you provide value to them. And you are unique not because you think so, but because you help others to succeed as no one else can do it.

In only 6-8 words, your tagline should tell your prospects what you provide and why it is unique. From a purely design point of view, it is also important to have a short tagline: if you have a small business card (like a mini or square card) or your tagline is simply too long, your tagline may not fit within your card.

The tagline on your business card must be short and informative.
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The elements in a perfect tagline must include these features:

It must begin with “I help …,” “I provide…,” “I offer,” etc. You are in business because you help someone or provide a product or service, so it is important to state this.

Specify your target market. When crafting a value proposition, many people make the mistake of trying to reach everyone. It is common to see business cards with taglines that use the word “You.” Using the word “You” is a generic way to hand out the same business card to every one you meet. Using “You” is simple, but it is the wrong way to reach your target audience. “You” addresses everybody and no one.

Your business card tagline should be specific. Substitute “You” with something more tangible. For example, instead of stating “I help you …,” state, “I help marketers …,” or “I help job seekers ….” You can take this approach no matter who your target market happens to be.

Finally, include the problem you are helping to solve.

This is format of a great tagline for your personal business card:

“I help [your target market] to [solve their problem].”

If various niche markets might be interested in your products or services, try business cards with different taglines. Each package of business cards should come with a different tagline based on each target market and the problem to solve.

At first, creating different personal taglines may seem like a lot of work, but once you know the customer segments you want to target, it is easy to create and print your business cards with unique taglines for each. To avoid confusion, carry them in separate business card holders. Your past experience will tell you where to network and which card to present to whom.

3 Things You Don’t Want to Forget when Writing Your Tagline

  • Emphasize your role. Notice in the taglines above we have emphasized the role of the business card owner with the personal pronoun “I.” You can do the same with your tagline.

  • Avoid jargon. The people that truly understand what you do are your colleagues and competitors. But, they do not need your services!

Your potential customers and clients have no interest in learning how you exactly describe your products and services. They simply want to know how your business can fit their needs. So, avoid unnecessary jargon that may sound like pure nonsense to your prospects.

The more specialized your occupation or business, the more effort you need to make in order to convey your message in a clear and unambiguous way. The rewards are worth the time and energy invested.

Avoid jargon and try to say what you do in simple words, as if you were explaining it to a layman!
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  • Be creative but don’t overdo it. Be creative when you describe the benefits of your business. For example, instead of simply writing “Personal Trainer,” a more descriptive tagline would read, “I Help Busy Moms Live a Healthier Life.”

Another approach is to tell your prospects what you have accomplished with your present and past clients. For example, this tagline might read, “I’ve Helped Hundreds of Busy Moms Become Healthier.”

Be creative when writing your tagline, but don’t exaggerate or your prospects may not understand what you are trying to say. For example, if you are a social media expert and you write on your business card, “I connect you with the world,” this message could be misleading. Alternatively, you could write, “I help small businesses boost their social media presence.”

You may not be as famous as Guy Kawasaki, who can simply say “I empower people” and everybody gets it. You need to be more explicit.

When people exaggerate their tagline, they tend to trespass over the line between a smart tagline and a silly one. Instead of coming up with an intelligent tagline, one that engages people, they craft a ridiculous tagline that would lead to embarrassment. You will stand out from the crowd, but unfortunately for the wrong reasons. Restrain from over-creativity.


Rather than asking yourself, “What’s the perfect tagline for my business card?,” ask yourself, “What’s the perfect tagline for my business card in my particular situation?” By getting specific, you can describe the goods and services your customers and clients are seeking and how you can best help them. You will be able to convey your unique value proposition more effectively.

Your tagline will communicate in a concise and memorable way the main benefits of your business. For maximum results, use the format: “I Help…,” “I Guide….,” “I Assist…,” “I Make …,” etc.

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