Useful Tips to Create a Cool and Compelling Business Card

You already know that if you want to grow your business or professional network, you need an effective business card. But, do you know how to create a business card that is actually useful?

To show you how you can leverage your business card, we have created this infographic. We begin with a short history of the business card and then tell you what you should do to create a tagline that your customers and prospects will remember. Afterwards, you will learn whether or not to include a photo on your business card. Finally, we give you some ideas to help you distribute your cards more efficiently.

Follow the tips in this infographic to expand your network and grow your business.

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Infographic 1 - Business Card & Networking Tips

Infographic Transcription

1 - The Business Card Conquest of the World

  • Small hand written pieces of paper were used in ancient CHINA as "visiting cards".
  • FRENCH oligarchs had a similar practice.
  • Business owners in UK started using printed cards to spread the word about their businesses.
  • The business card as we know it today was well established in 19th-century ENGLAND.
  • In AMERICA the business card was received with enthusiasm by the growing community of small business owners: tailors, bakers, shoemakers, butchers, watchmakers ...


The format of a great tagline for your personal business card is very simple:

“I help [target market] to [solve problem]”

3 - A Photo on My Business Card?

Here are some tips:

  • Do not wear accessories like sunglasses or hats.
  • No pets or kids in the photo.
  • Hire a professional photographer to do the job.
  • Use a headshot only.
  • Do not print it on an everyday desktop printer.
  • Use the same photo you have on your social media profiles.

4 - GIVE 08 BUSINESS CARD PER DAY to potential clients and customers

  • Ask the staff of your local community center if you can leave some of your cards in a visible spot.
  • Pin five to ten of your business cards on bulletin boards you find in your local area.
  • Include a couple of your business cards with every package of envelope you send.
  • If you are sending a present to one of your best customers, attach your business card to it.
  • You can leave your business card on the table every time you pay a bill and leave a tip at a restaurant.
  • Use the fishbowls in restaurants, coffee shops, and other business to drop some of your cards.


  • Since its inception several centuries ago ― whether in oligarchic Beijing or Paris, or in entrepreneurial London ― the business card has become an integral part of the modern business scene.
  • Your tagline should communicate in a concise and memorable way the main benefits of your business
  • A headshot on your business card can make it easier for people to remember you.
  • With a systematic business card distribution plan you will increasingly expand your network and find more business opportunities


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