How to Create a Business Card Your Prospects Won't Forget

Have you ever wondered why some business cards are more successful than others? Are you afraid that your brand new business cards may not be appealing enough to prompt your prospects to get in touch with you in order to know more about your business?

To show you how to make your business card more attractive and effective, we have created an infographic that breaks down some useful strategies you need to follow. First, we tell you how much importance you should give to the company’s name on your business card. Second, we bring your attention to the meaning of colors and how to use them in the right way so they resonate with your audience. Third, we give you a handy list of a series of things you need to check before you send your new business card to the printer. Fourth, you will learn why you need a business card distribution plan if you really want to grow your professional network and business.

If you want to make the most out your business card, read and apply the tips in the infographic below.

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Infographic 3 - Business Card & Networking Tips

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Good Reasons to give prominence to the company name on your business card

  • It may increase your credibility in the eyes of your prospects or customers.
  • You want to show that you are a successful employee with numerous responsibilities in a large company.
  • You want prospects to know that you are the right person to speak with in case they need something from the company you work for.
  • It can help you expand your network of contacts for present or future projects.
  • Your priority is to promote your brand.

2 - The Meaning of Colors

Colors are critical to the success of your business card design

  • RED – courage, passion, happiness, celebration
  • PINK – tenderness, seduction, the romantic
  • ORANGE & YELLOW – optimism, warmth, joy, pleasure
  • GREEN – nature, vivacity, life, social status, wealth
  • BLUE – harmony, faithfulness, confidence
  • BLACK – power, authority, elegance, solemnity
  • WHITE – innocence, impartiality, new, fresh

3 - Business Card Dos

  • Include all the necessary information: name, company name, tagline, email, phone number, etc.
  • Double check that there are no typos.
  • Verify that all the information is correct and up to date.
  • Make sure that your information is not cut off.
  • Check that colors are exactly as you expect them.
  • Check that images are clear and small details are perceptible.

4 - Why a Business Card Distribution Plan?

  • If you are serious about your business, you should be handing out over 250 business cards every month. That is, about 8 business cards per day.
  • Give out your business cards generously to almost everyone you meet. You never know who will become your next client or send you a new lead.
  • Think about places where your ideal clients or customers congregate and leave your business cards in those places.


  • If you work for a multinational or a well-know company, take advantage of the name of the company by giving it prominence on your business card.
  • Use the right colors to send an attractive and powerful message to your customers and prospects.
  • Before sending to the printer, double check that your new business card design includes all the necessary information and is free of typos.
  • Make sure you leave your business cards in strategic places and then constantly check back to see what locations are bringing the highest return on your time and money invested.


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