How to Turn Your Business Cards into Valuable Relationships

You already have an awesome business card, but are you engaging your prospects and generating more business from it?

In order to show you how to get the most from your new business cards, we have decided to create this infographic. It will show you some tricks you can’t neglect if you really want to use your business cards to your maximum advantage. First, we tell you what your company’s tagline is all about. Second, we help you decide whether or not you need a physical address on your card. Third, we talk about one of the most important business card design tips: keep it simple! Fourth, we teach you how to choose the appropriate background image for your card.

The tips in this infographic will help create a more successful business card and expand your professional network. Follow them!

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Infographic Transcription

1 - How can your company help others?

A tagline on your corporate business card tells your prospects and clients:

  • What your company can do for them and what makes you better than the competition.
  • Not why they should buy from you.

If you can convey in a clear and persuasive manner what you do better than anyone else in your market, your prospects will show interest in your business.

2 - Addresses & Street Maps on Business Cards


  • You are constantly receiving posts from your clients, customers and business partners.
  • People often come to your storefront to pick up products or materials they have purchased from you.
  • You offer a service in which people need to come to your office.
  • You own a hotel or restaurant, or any other business where customers would need an address and expect an address to be included.
  • It can give more legitimacy to your business.


There is no need to overwhelm your prospects with tiny visual details, social media icons, infinite typefaces, pictures of your products, etc.

If your business card is full of visual noise, your card may end in the trash.


  • Create a unique background for your business card.
  • Use an image that is relevant to your business.
  • Text should stand out from the background.


  • Create a clear and concise tagline for your business card that is easy to remember and that identifies the benefits of doing business with you. No more than eight words.
  • If you think your customers or clients need your physical address to reach you, then include your address. If you work at home, spend most of your time online, or your target market does not find an address useful, then leave it out.
  • Business cards are more effective when they convey your message in a simple and yet powerful manner. Less is more!
  • Use a background that contrasts well with the rest of your content, whether it is text or images, and keep it relevant to your business.


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