How to Design an Effective Networking Business Card

When you hand out your business cards, you want people to keep them and eventually to get in touch with you. Right? But, do you know what makes an awesome business card? Do you know why people keep the cards they receive? This infographic will help you with that.

There are four things you should consider when creating your business cards. First, you will learn why it is not always a good idea to include your job title on your card. In fact, in most cases it is counterproductive to include it. Second, we will tell you why a logo on your card could be a good idea. Third, you will learn how to choose and use the right fonts for your new business cards. Finally, you will discover why free business cards are not what they seem at first. They can be very expensive indeed!

The tips in this infographic will help you grow your network and increase leads. Read and apply them!

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Infographic 5 - Business Card & Networking Tips

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3 Top Reasons to Leave Your Job Title Out of Your Business Card

  • You may prefer to talk to your customers without telling them your real position in order to get honest feedback about the company.
  • If you do not reveal your job title or position in the company to your prospects, they may strike up a conversation and ask you.
  • You perform a number of responsibilities within the company and there is no true title for your job.


  • A logo is a visual element that identifies your business or personal brand.
  • It is a powerful device in your marketing toolkit if you want people to recognize your business.
  • Originality and simplicity are the two main characteristics of a good logo.

3 - THE PERFECT FONT for My New Business Card

  • Choose fonts that are easy to read and have the potential to call your prospects' attention (don't use more than two).
  • Pick out your business card fonts according to your industry.
  • Use fonts that reflect your unique personality and your business values.


  • The paper is much thinner than the one used for standard business cards.
  • The ad from the printer on the back of the card can make a bad impression.
  • The same templates are used by many people, so your design is not unique.
  • Colors are less vivid.
  • Sometimes they are a bit smaller than traditional business cards.


  • Whether to include a job title on your business card will depend on your position within the company, the size of the business, the people you are networking with, your business goals, and more. In general, there are more good reasons not to include a title on your card.
  • A well-designed business logo will help your customers and prospects to remember you. Many small business owners and professionals do not need a logo, as long as people are easily able to identify the business.
  • The perfect combination of fonts is an area of study that takes years of experience to master. If you follow the recommendations above, your business card will be more consistent with your business image and values. Ask a professional graphic designer if you need more help.
  • Do not believe ads that promise free business cards as a successful tactic to reach more prospects and grow your network. It’s too risky and expensive for a serious business owner to make a bad first impression with cheap business cards.


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