Best Tips to Create a Business Card That's Actually Useful

Are you tired of your boring old business cards? Would you like to have a more exciting and engaging business card to give to your prospects? Do you think it is time to try something new, like a new shape or material?

To help you with these issues, we have created this infographic. It tells you what you can do to create a more effective business card. In the first part you will learn why it is important to have a call to action on your business card and how you can create one. This simple tip will increase your follow up rates. In the second section of the infographic we tell you how you can take advantage of your social media presence on your card. Then, you will see how to make a positive impression on your customers or clients with a non-standard business card with unusual shape or size. Finally, you will discover some amazing materials people use to make unique and memorable business cards.

In order to get the maximum return from your business cards, read the infographic carefully and follow the tips.

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Infographic 6 - Business Card & Networking Tips

Infographic Transcription


  • Include a short sentence that encourages the recipient of your business card to take some type of action.
  • Start your sentence with an action verb: Email me, Call me, Visit my website, etc.
  • This will help you boost your follow-up rates.


  • Add one or two social media icons to your business card.
  • Share networks you use to promote your business and professional interests.
  • Search and then engage with your customers and clients on social media.


Express Your Personality with a Unique Business Card Shape

A business card with an unusual size and a creative shape can make a great impression on your potential customers and clients.

Rectangular - Rounded Corners – Mini - Square - Circular


Business cards can be made of plastic, metal, wood, cork, leather, tissue, cotton, wool, cardboard, ceramic ... and edible materials like chocolate, peanuts, pastry, and dried meat.

  • Plastic business cards are stylish, elegant, and durable. Ideal to make a lasting first impression.
  • Metallic cards look professional and luxurious. They can take many shapes, from bottle openers to razor blades.
  • A wooden business card is the perfect option for you if you work in the wood industry or produce objects made of wood.


  • Include a call to action on your business card to encourage your potential clients or customers to get back to you. In a short time, you will begin receiving more calls and emails from your ideal prospects.
  • Connect and stay in touch with your prospects and current customers on social media. Show them that you care about your business relationships.
  • Create a lasting first impression with a fantastic business card. Try a non-standard size and an original shape to stand out from the crowd. Then, follow up and provide value to your contact.
  • If you are in a competitive industry and you want to set yourself apart from the competition, an alternative material for your card will help you. Examples of materials out of the ordinary are plastic, metal, and wood.


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