How the Intensity Graph Works

1. Click "LOG IN" in the header:

Login button in the header - allBcards

Enter your email and password to login to your account:

Email and password to login to allBcards

2. Open the “MENU” and click “Intensity Graph”:


Open the menu to see the Intensity Graph

Each point of the graph corresponds to a stage in the Relationship Pipeline: 

Relation between the colors of the Intensity Graph and the stages in the Relationship PipelineWhen the mouse hovers over a colored point of the Intensity Graph, the number of business cards at that stage is shown:

The Intensity Graph shows the number of business cards at each stage of the pipeline

Click one point and hover over with the mouse to see all the cards at that stage:

Details of the cards as seen from the Intensity Graph

From here you can decide when to get in touch with your contact in order to avoid your relationship to go cold!